Saturday, July 24, 2010

What's the big deal with Obama and Kenya?

I don't understand why this "Obama supporting Kenya" story is so controversial. Hey, our government has even sent foreign aid to countries who want to commit terrorist acts against us, such as our "friend" Saudi Arabia [anyone remember 9/11?] So the way I see it, Obama is doing nothing different from what many other Presidents have done - he's taking money WE earned, and he's giving it to foreign nations instead of letting us [who foot the bill] keep it in OUR pockets, where it should have stayed to begin with.

The way I see it, I'm working my butt off to finance the dreams of other countries' citizens, when I should be working to finance my own future, and if I CHOOSE to give money to those countries, then it was MY decision, not some bureaucrat's, who steals my wages which I earned, and ships them off. Then after lending these other countries all this money, the government forgives THEIR debts, and back-bills ME through higher taxes, me who financed this loan to begin with. It was MY money that financed these so-called "loans" to begin with.

Let's be honest, these loans are only GIFTS. And all these other countries have never even lifted a finger to help us after 9/11, Hurricanes Katrina / Ivan / Dennis / Rita..., the Gulf Oil spill, or any other problem we've had for that matter. Then the government DARES to penalize us if we don't pay all our taxes, after THEY forgave the loans - THEIR choice, not mine. And it was OUR money that financed these "loans" to begin with.

And then, after we send all this foreign aid out of our pockets, we actually worry about the opinions of people who want to come over here and kill us with bombs and airplanes, and who never lift a finger to help us when we have disasters.

So for now, Barack Obama is only performing at par for the course.

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